As a funding organization, Erie Yacht Club Foundation sometimes is made aware of a need for a significant contribution to jump-start a program or organization, or to help dramatically increase a program’s impact. These needs do not exist on an annual basis, and are usually one-time contributions on Erie Yacht Club Foundation’s part. Contributions to Erie Yacht Club Foundation’s endowment enable the Erie Yacht Club Foundation to be able to exercise it’s judgement to fund these extraordinary, vital requests to nurture and expand the community that cherishes and stewards the Erie area.In time, endowment income will provide a substantial percentage of the budget for annual grants. Endowments gifts to the Foundation are truly the gifts that keep on giving. An endowment is forever. Endowment contributions can be made through a variety of financial mechanisms, including estate planning, and can be made at any time. For more information about endowment contributions, please contact the Erie Yacht Club Foundation at

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Cash Donations

All gifts, large or small, are greatly appreciated. 

Pay Online:

Or mail donations to:

Erie Yacht Club Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 648
Erie, PA 16512

Planned-Giving Donations

Planned-giving, whether through your will, trust, transfer of stock, mutual funds, or real property, or beneficiary designation (life insurance policy, annuity, IRA, etc.), provides an excellent way to establish a legacy that reflects your support of one or more of the Foundation’s goals.  Please contact us to discuss the potential donation of your boat.


Memorial Donation Card

Click HERE to download a Memorial Donation Card.


2017 Boathouse Party

Come join us at the annual Boathouse Party and help the Erie Yacht Club Foundation continue to support and grow its maritime legacy on the bay! We at the foundation are grateful for the support we've received through our annual fundraiser.

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New Memorial card now available

A new Memorial Card is now available for you to print from home.