Education Building Capital Fund Donors 2013-2014

Thank you to the over 200 people and their gifts in support of an education facility for Presque Isle Bay that our Community will use it for generations to come. Now that we are

finished  over $100,000 in excess funds will be added to a needs based scholarship program for the Erie Community as pledges are received. This fund is available if we missed your contribution!

 As of 08/01/2014

Amount Raised $1,551,342

Judge Tom & Karen Agresti
Scott Allen
Past Commodore Robert & Marcia Allshouse
P/C David & Debbie Amatangelo
Matthew Bacon Family
Rick Barner
Beals & McMahon Painting
Bob and Cathy Becker
Doug Beers
Joan & Boyd Bert, In Memory of Betty & Howard Foht & Sophia & Boyd Bert
Jerome Bien
David and Diane Blake
John Bloomstine
William Bloomstine
Chris & Patty Bloomstine
Mark, Monica, Pat, Danny, Mike, Sean, & Anna Bloomstine
M. Louise Boice
Gary and Mary Boldt
Dennis & Betsy Bort
The Bresslers
The Britton Family Foundation
Leo and Teresa Brugger
Builders Hardware & Specialty
John Butine
Charles Campagne Jr.
Robert Chambers (Boat Model)
Kim Carrara
Al Church
Kathy and Ken Claunch
Bill Coleman
Bob and Dianne Cunningham
Arthur J. Curtze
James Dailey
Michael Dent
Paul Detzel
Mary, Maria, Elena and Dan Doyle
Daniel and Kathleen Dundon
Susan and John Dunn
Windward Solutions: Jeff & Neala Eastman
Jim & Mary Lou Edgett
Marty & Kathy Eisert
Judy Emling
Dr. Robert Enterline
Erie Community Foundation
The Fabin Family
Dr. Robert Ferraro
Bob & Christie Ferrier Family
Wallace Flower
Fralo Industries
Kim Frey
Peggy and Garrett Fuhrman
John Gage
John & Kathy Garhart
Mike & Carol Geiger Family
J.A. Gerbracht
Bill and Patty Gloekler
Marvin Gold
Laura (Dunn) and Jonathan Goldberg
Jack, Sue, Patrick and John Gordon
M. Fletcher Gornall
The Peter Gorny Family
Michael Grab - Architect
Rick and Noreen Frances Griffith
David and Ann Haller
Tom and Mili Hanes
Jim & Mary Hartwell
P/C David Heitzenrater
Richard Hersey
William & Dorothy Hill
Patrick Huntley
Karen Imig and Jack "Brad" Carns
Sandra Jarecki
In memory of Bud and Tricie Johnson
Chalmer and Evelyn Jordan
Richard Klaber
Sally Kohler
Paul Kopowski
Tom Kovach
Clarke & Sue Kuebler
David Brian Lasher
R. Lemuel Lasher
Gary Liebel
Lillis Family
Louise K. Loesel,First Instructor & Richard O. Loesel,P/C
Memory Maya Loesel
David Loose & Family
Peter and Amy Lund
Sally Lund
Robert Maas
Dr. William Makarowski
Dennis Markley
James Marnen
Eric M. Marshall
Char and Michael Mashyna
James P. McBrier Family
JT McBrier
David McBrier
PSB Industries
McCormick Brothers
Des and Deb McDonald
Kevin McEnery
Robert McGee
Mickey and Patty McMahon
Timothy Mehl
David Mehl
Merwin Foundation
Richard Morrison
Harry Mueller
Richard and Cynthia Nagle Family
Alex and Amanda Nagle
Douglas Nagle Family
Robert A. and Sandra J. Nelson
Matthew Niemic or P/C Matthew Niemic
Paul Nunes
O'Hare Family
David Penman
Lou & Debbie Porreco
Alexa Potter
Nancy B. Potter
Mike Preston Family
In Memory of Jack and Donalyne Raimy
J. Gary Raimy
Ross Rectenwald
Donald & Clare Richwine
Mark Rickloff and Family
Mary Rickloff
Robertson Kitchens & Remodeling Services of Erie Inc.
Randy and Trudy Rydzewski
In Memory of David M. Sample(by Toni Armstrong Sample
David and Julie Sanner
Robert and Ann Schoeller
Edward Schuler
Matthew Schultz
Mary E. Schultz
The Schultz Family
John Schultz III
The Schultz Family
Anonymous Friends of Nat Reyburn
Stanley Schuyler
The Seip Family Foundation
Laura, James and Benjamin Semple
Dr. Joseph M. & Juliana Semple & Family
Greg & Elizabeth Sesler
Jay, Cass, Emma and Anna Shimek
South One Supply
Janet L. Stachelek
Conrad J. Stachelek
Dr. & Mrs. Barry D. Stamm
Franklyn Stearns
Dr. William H. Steinbrink
M.Roy Strausbaugh
Jamie Taylor and Maureen Madara-Taylor
Michael and Alicia Tellers
Mary Lou Thomas
Russ Thompson
Dennis Tobin
Dave Ungerman
Gerry Urbaniak, Past Commodore, and wife Dinah
Shawn Van Hove Family
Muriel Veenschoten
Richard Vicary Jr.
Frank Victor
JD Walker
Rett and Susan Walker family
William Walker
Eugene Ware
Timothy, Barbara, Karen and Joseph Weibel Family
Gary Weibler
Mitch and Christine Wells
The Conaway/Whiteman Families
Dr. James Wilcko
Harold Will
George & Cindy Willis
The Wilson Family
Douglas M. Yarbenet
Roger W. Zurn
David M. Zurn
James and Heidi Rickloff
Charles and Wendy Weber
Lewis Klahr
Matthew Wolford
Thomas Dailey
James Currie Jr.
J.R. Farrar
Douglas Bert